How Does Life Coaching Work?

Coaching will allow you to uncover your goals, focus on the steps you need to achieve them and release potential within you that you never knew you had. Broken down into a series of sessions coaching will give you the luxury of regular time and space to explore what you really want from life. This will be achieved through the questioning and challenging skills of the coach and will result in you setting yourself actions at then end of each session that will bring you another step closer to your dream.

Your commitment:

  • A strong desire for change in your life
  • A willingness to be open and honest with your life coach
  • The time to complete actions you set yourself
  • Readiness to invest in your future

Life coach’s commitment:

  • Total dedication to your goals
  • Support, encouragement and motivation
  • Non-judgemental and positive attitude
  • Qualified and professional coaching skills
  • A passion to see you reach your full potential

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The 8 key Principles of Life and Career Coaching

The Coaching Academy has set out the following 8 principles by which the coaching relationship is essentially built.

  1. The Coach believes that individuals posses huge potential to resolve their own issues.
  2. The Coach brings no pre-conceived ideas or judgement, but acts as a catalyst for change.
  3. The Client remains responsible at all times for the situation and the solutions.
  4. The focus is always on what the Client thinks and experiences.
  5. The Coach believes that Clients can generate great solutions that best fit their circumstances.
  6. Coaching is about helping Clients to learn, rather than teaching them.
  7. Coaching focuses on future possibilities, not past failures.
  8. The Coach believes in the value and uniqueness of every Client.